"We're in it for the people, not the projects."

Ciao, Techies! Welcome to the world of Uniphyd.


We meet every 2 weeks and conduct session for our members to keep us interacting and active. We're always looking for people with experience in certain domains to shower us with their knowledge and make us better people. Besides the learning, our sessions are fun and interactive. We're trying to teach each other, not bore each other :p


Build & Deploy App using 'Node.js'

In August 2018, Uniphyd. organised a community meetup on Node.js keeping up the momentum built from the previous meetup. Participants made a Node.js app and learn’t a new language - JavaScript

No-Code App Building with 'Mendix'

In September 2018, Uniphyd. organised a hands-on session on building Mobile & Web Apps without any <Code> using Mendix. Participants learnt how to make web apps easily using Mendix visual interface.

And Much More to Come! We hope you'll be there with us!

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